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We’re Going to Take Care of This Onion One Way or Another

Two things have been on my mind as of late:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Friendships

Vegetables because I been trying to eat more of them. Friendships because I have been watching how mine have shifted, expanded and settled since receiving my diploma in May. These two seemingly distant concepts are more closely related than I initially thought. In fact, I have indubitably concluded that friendship is taking turns chopping an onion. Truly.

If you are even remotely sensitive to onions, chances are high that you have, at some point, found yourself standing over the kitchen sink with burning eyes, tears streaming down your face and still three quarters of an onion left to cut. Isn’t that the worst? (Yes, it is.) Especially if you’re on the ‘Cooking For One’ train.

However, if your friend is nearby working on the celery they may notice your distressed state and graciously offer assistance. Practically doubled over from the discomfort, you might think to yourself “Yes! I am free and clear of that hideous onion. No more onion chopping for me! The rest is all on them now – ha!”. You then proceed to the celery and happily continue dinner preparations.

A short time later, your friend is sniffling and tearing up. In the next moment, the tears are running free and they choke out, “Hey, can you help me? Oh my gosh, this is such a strong onion – I #CantEven! Can we take turns?”.

You respond, “Uhhhhhhhh, I have to go back to the onion and cry again…not sure if I am such a huge fan of that. Ahem, but none of that really matters – it’s just an onion. I’ll totally help because I freaking love you. Gimme that stupid knife. Together, we’re going to take care of this onion one way or another.”

This turn-taking will continue until that repugnant onion is sliced and diced to “good enough” status. When the onion is fully chopped, a look of immense satisfaction is exchanged. You both face the cutting board and revel in your accomplishment, “We chopped the onion.”

That is what friendship is – helping out when maybe you don’t really feel like it and loving them when it may cause you a bit of self-sacrifice. They’ll help you too because they love you. That is friendship; allies in this onion filled life.

Friendship allows you to boldly declare, “Together, we’re going to take care of this onion one way or another.” Friendship grants you great gusto and fierce determination because you have a loyal ally. Humble, honest and overflowing love, friendship is a beautiful thing.

Would you like a hand chopping your onion?

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