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One Time I Went to Natural Grocers

As promised, here is a short and sweet reflection on my first shopping experience at Natural Grocers.

  1. Organic. Hipster. Save the earth kind of feel. Maybe I should get dreads. Am I really still in Fargo, ND?
  2. A few small steps in, I instantly cursed myself for writing my grocery list on physical paper and not using my iPhone. HUGE guilt inducer. Because of this, I can now rest assured that every person I encountered at Natural Grocers knew I was a complete sham and that I know next to nothing about shopping at a place of this capacity.
  3. The experience was fully overwhelming with product oh so fresh, organic and colorful.  The aisles screamed Organic, Extra-Virgin, Non-GMO, and non – all that other “bad stuff” according to a store employee. I do not entirely agree with her that GMO’s are bad through and through. For a healthy dose of controversy, I share this smart person’s perspective to introduce a different way of thinking about GMOs: http://bit.ly/1rC9iEQ.
  4. There was a nice little corner for books which was fun. I like a good book corner. Who doesn’t?
  5. I learned you can eat coconut oil. Like out of the jar with a spoon. Plain. Or, use it for cooking or making homemade deodorant or for your hair or if you need a quick natural remedy to overcome mono. 

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