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Random People Who Have Seen Me Cry

In the post, Mindy, Kate, Alexis & Crying, I shared a brief list of silly things I have cried over.

Today’s words will reveal to you the random people who have seen me cry:

  1. Marshall, the UPS man on the downtown Fargo route. He was so confused. Perfect timing is all. I had just gotten off the phone with someone – it was the first time I had ever answered the phone and been instantly screamed at before. I like to think that Marshall and I are friends now.
  2. My neighbor (I was chopping an onion). More about my apartment here. Next time I chop an onion, I think I’ll give these glasses a try.
  3. The Australian woman I met in downtown Minneapolis when I locked the keys in my car. She was so nice. The car was still running. #alexisforthewin
  4. The #16 bus driver on my first solo journey on the Metro Transit System as a sprite clueless college freshman. I learned from this experience that apparently it matters which side of the street you stand on. It matters a lot actually. In those moments, I felt equal parts terrified and brainless. The driver was also so nice to me.
  5. Probably like 75 million strangers during my time at the University of Minnesota. I mean, there’s a lot of people I used to walk by after my Chem I class ended every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Oh, and have I mentioned I retook the class the following semester? It was because I wanted an exact replication of all the fun I had the first time.
  6. This guy I met at Late Night Swing.

My mom thinks there’s a little angel on my shoulder who, when I’m not looking, turns around to face the people behind me while broadly waving her little angel arms to attract attention, “HEY, HELP HER. SHE NEEDS HELP. EVEN THOUGH SHE THINKS SHE DOESN’T, SHE REALLY DOES. HELP HER NOW. ” Ehh, I don’t know, maybe.

I must say though, I do cry a lot less since I’ve graduated college and am not training for a marathon. Something about the stress, I suppose?

What random people have seen you cry?

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