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RE: Lip Exfoliation

I have been really into lipstick since last February. That may seem surprising to some people because historically, I have been an adamant non-makeup kind of human being. It was partly because I was makeup ignorant and partly because I couldn’t see the value in makeup. I may write a little story chronicling my journey: “Alexis’s Lipstick Story”. I’ve been working on it, but it still just does not feel quite right yet. It amazes me sometimes how heavily my writing is influenced by my emotions. Actually, it is more accurate to say that all of my writing is at all times influenced solely by my emotions. #I’veGotAlotOfTheFeels #AlotOfTheTime

Anyway, moving on. If you haven’t looked outside since September started, the season of fall is happening. Fall is physically occurring before your very presence. Please don’t ignore the crisp air, dancing leaves and how the wind tastes like joy. That would make me sad. Conversely, something that makes me happy is Cup of Jo. Jo seems to insinuate that with the change of season there is also a change of fashion/makeup/style.

Megan Cahn, an editor for Cup of Jo, wrote a little ditty entitled “Trying out Fall Colors” which is not a ditty at all. It’s an article and I really wanted to use the word “ditty”.  In the name of fall, Megan introduces five different lipstick shades and provides lip care tips along the way. One such tip was lip exfoliation. Admittedly, I didn’t realize my lips should be exfoliated, let alone could be. I am receiving a great education from Cup of Jo.

I thought it would be good to start exfoliating my lips because it’s better for when you wear matte lipstick which Megan tells me is “in” this season. Also, I figured it would keep my lips kissable. You know, just in case I’m walking down the sidewalk and see a beautiful man I want to kiss. With adequately exfoliated lips, I will have no reservations in kissing him.

Obviously, I wanted to try it. What have I been missing out on my entire life? How behind am I in regards to lip exfoliation? Ah, let the exfoliation begin!  

I opted for the more affordable option of lip exfoliation which is basically just using a damp toothbrush to brush my lips. Glamorous, no? Oh well, I have certainly carried out far less glamorous things in my life before becoming aware of lip exfoliation like the time I went hiking alone for nine hours, got lost and forgot to pack toilet paper.

I brushed my lips and it felt weird. I felt very dumb, actually, as I brushed my lips and stared at myself in the mirror. It got to the point where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I had to close my eyes which messed up my balance a little, but somehow I made it through.

Overall, my lips were fine except I had to reapply my chapstick about 18 million more times than my average rate of daily chapstick reapplication. The only explanation is that I must have brushed too hard.

So, be careful out there folks. Brushing lips isn’t exactly the same as brushing teeth, apparently.

P.S. The featured image of a giraffe is from Unsplash and not at all relevant to my story. I just thought you might enjoy a picture of a giraffe. Also, I went to the zoo today so I’ve got animals on the brain.

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