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A message from the robin perched outside my window

For the full effect, press play on this. Then, let it play while you return to read the words below.

Over the weekend, John and I were finally able to get a good look at the robin perched outside our apartment window. The orange-breasted robin was nestled in the tree that is aligned directly with the living room window in our second-story apartment. In the most affectionate way I can muster, I’ll tell you that the robin was round which is to say that he was plump which is to say that he was a wholesome fat force to be reckoned with. Suffice it to say, it was clear he’d been eating happily. 

He was singing, too. Actually, he had been singing for about seven days straight. His throat rapidly throttled up and down in passionate response to the notes of other robins and songbirds. Completely mesmerized, John rattled off all the facts he knew about robins which were surprisingly a lot.

While Facetiming with my sister later that day, she pointed out how loud the robin was. She’s states away and can hear his cries! Yes, the robin is loud. Yes, it’s enough to make a person who works from home and is under a shelter-in-place order feel annoyed. It’s enough to make me want to shush him, but he’s been shushed for such a long winter and this is his season to sing. Who am I to shush him?

This morning, while I sit in my office nook, I hear him again. The robin has been chirping and crooning for now ten days in a row. He’s really going at it this sunshiny morning, but I legitimately thank God for putting him outside my window. I like to think that the robin is simply trying to remind me of the promise of light again, to remind me that spring is coming.

This robin sings and sings his big little orange-breasted self out because that is his job—to sing his message of the spring to come. He’s telling us of the spring to come, telling us that Easter is in five days, telling us that the God who formed his beak has conquered darkness, and telling us that we can have hope for a tomorrow filled with light. 

The weather forecast informs me of cloudy days ahead and so I’m especially thankful for the sunshine today. The robin in all his overabundance is perched in the tree outside my window until further notice and I’m thankful for that as well.

P.S. Here’s more singing about the day. You should 100% click this because it’s a 30ish second video of an old English couple singing a few precious lines. I’m willing to bet money that watching them will make you smile.

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