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The real MVP of working from home

The real MVP of working from home goes by many names: Mauve Moment, Street Cred, Certainly Red, and many more.

From here on out, I’ll be referring to the MVP as Mauve Moment or Mauve, for short. Here’s how to pronounce Mauve, along with six other words none of us truly know how to pronounce.

A little bit about her—

Mauve is stylish. She’s every bit intelligent as she is classy. You might have her in your work from home life too, or, perhaps you have a version of her.

My absolute favorite part about Mauve is that she makes me feel capable, strong, and beautiful. When I’ve got Mauve with me I know that no temptation towards unproductivity or pondering of my purpose in life or social media distractions will overtake me. I’ve got Mauve and, together, we can do anything.

We can work from home and not leave for the 6th day in a row. We can write that email we’ve been dreading. We can power through another big project.

And, I know, I know, there are tons of articles floating around about how to work from home better and productivity hacks and tools that actually keep you accountable during this time of unprecedented lengths at your home base (one of those articles is mine and it’s all about how setting a 30-minute timer has changed my life!). 

But the thing is, those articles are missing something. Yes, even mine is missing something (but you should still read about the timer trick as it is truly a game changer). This week I rediscovered Mauve and I’m kicking myself for forgetting about her.

She’s tiny, but you better believe that she packs a good punch right to the throat. She pairs well with white coffee mugs, most wardrobes, and a Zoe Keating Spotify playlist. 

Sure, I still need to do all the things I normally try to do for a productive day that doesn’t include me binge-watching entire seasons of The Office or licking melted butter off a spoon or never putting on fresh clothes. I still need to close out of my email, block Instagram for certain periods of time, and get my daily lunchtime walk in. 

But the point is, the beauty is, that Mauve helps amplify all of those practices. She makes me and my work feel more possible. She gives me the strength to stay in the chair when I feel like throwing my computer out the window because the blank page is driving me to insanity. She helps me churn out sentences that are grammatically correct and emails that are purposeful. 

She reminds me that I’m beautiful and, no, my beauty is not because of her, but she points out that it is okay to add a little extra frosting to an already perfectly fine cake. She ensures that I don’t take myself too seriously and for that I am sublimely grateful. She’s also a bit sassy which keeps my writing pithy and tweetable and hopefully it keeps you coming back for more.

She’s lipstick and she’s making sure I get things done. I sometimes need her enchanting prowess on days like today because this Tuesday my to-do list is a mile long and on all the other days where everything feels like just a little, how shall we say, much.

Do you have a Mauve in your life? What is she like?

*Disclaimer: Mauve will unfortunately not solve your problems, but she might help you get through which is sometimes all that we need I think. We just need a hand to get through.

*Disclaimer for the disclaimer: It’s possible you just don’t have the right color. The right color *might* just solve all your problems.

Picture credit: me, obviously. LaUgH a LittLE.

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