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A little weepy; it’s warm(ish) again

It seemed as if it would never be warm again. This winter in northwestern Minnesota has been mild by most counts and measures: not very much snow, not very many days of subzero temps or windchill. It’s been quick, really. So quick we are sure to remind ourselves that we should be grateful because do you remember two winters ago? The one you realized you were depressed? Do you remember four winters ago? The one you thought would never end for late season snowstorms, the snow packed over all the turn lanes? 

Yet as much as we’re grateful, the last two weeks have been hard. The sun shone in spite of the -30 temperatures and, with windchill, -44. The sun is always brightest in the coldest temps; like a taunt. It seemed as if it would never be warm again. For days you didn’t go outside because you couldn’t bear it. Even though the extended day forecast revealed above freezing temperatures to come, you couldn’t believe it. How could you as you glanced out the window?

But, the thermometer on the deck today reads 42 degrees (above zero). The warmer weather came. The outside is bearable again. And, it’s still not summer, still not spring, but my goodness, we are close. These 42 degrees means you enjoy your walk in a sweatshirt not a fleece ski mask. It means the kids who go to the elementary school a block away are allowed to play outside at recess. They trample the nature preserve path with impossible perseverance, fighting against the bulk of their snow pants which are doubtless the bane of their existence. They are an endless army of littles; a force to be reckoned with. We all are. And we’re all happier to be outside.

It’s still not summer, still not spring, but my goodness, those seasons come every year. They come when we don’t think and cannot possibly believe they’ll ever arrive. We will make it through another winter; we are making it through another winter. 

It seemed as if it would never be warm again, but it is warm again. Warmth came and will continue to come regardless of your degree of belief. For that we are sincerely grateful.

Does the whole thing of it have you a little extra weepy today?

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