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Where to store the stuff (a brief poem)

It’s somehow still here even after a hurried thrift store drop-off.

Snow covered field with tracks

In the ordinary

Quietly pulsing in between those more rare and uncommon big moments are the smaller ordinary moments where we’re doing life. Life is lived in the ordinary moments of grocery shopping, eating breakfast, doing work, calling mom on long drives, and making lefse.

On finding familiarity in oatmeal (the color)

Yesterday I showed my husband two oatmeal colored sweaters I uncovered at a thrift store.

“They’re a little bit different, but I  L O V E them,” I said.

“What is with you and that color? It’s almost as if you think you need more oatmeal colored sweaters,” he laughed.

RE: Lip Exfoliation

I have been really into lipstick since last February. That may seem surprising to some people because historically, I have been an adamant non-makeup kind of…