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Bride and groom giving speech with a brightly lit white background

Unexpected utterances of two years of marriage

This week John and I are celebrating two years of marriage. It’s today, actually. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day. No, we didn’t have green beer at the…

On finding familiarity in oatmeal (the color)

Yesterday I showed my husband two oatmeal colored sweaters I uncovered at a thrift store.

“They’re a little bit different, but I  L O V E them,” I said.

“What is with you and that color? It’s almost as if you think you need more oatmeal colored sweaters,” he laughed.

Plasma, anyone?

Three years ago, my first experience donating plasma was exhilarating.  The attendant rearranged and organized the plethora of tubing while taking great effort to ensure I…